Terms & Conditions


Handy Solutions OÜ (company) provides a service that helps clients and professionals to meet. We call everything that provides and supports the operation of the service products. Their use is regulated by documents on the company's website.

Legal address of the company: Pae tn 25-47, Tallinn, Estonia

You agree to the terms of use (hereinafter - Terms) if you use the service and any other product of the company. The version of the Terms is considered effective from the moment it is posted on the website. By continuing to use the service, you agree to the current version of the Terms. If you do not agree with the Terms, you can stop using the company's products.

The Company has the right to revise the Terms at any time without prior notice, as well as transfer all or part of its rights and obligations under these Terms to any third party.

A responsibility

The company does not provide services for your orders, is not an employer of specialists and is not responsible to you for the result of their work.

The company does not guarantee:

  • relevance of information about the company's products, goods and services of third parties;
  • compensation for damage from the consequences of using the company's products;
  • uninterrupted and error-free operation of the company's products.


In order for you to use the service, an account is created where contact and order information is stored.

When registering, you leave personal data: name, phone number, e-mail address (if any) and the address at which the service will be provided.

You can delete your account at any time.

The security of your data

We strongly recommend that you do not share your account password with strangers and do not use it on other sites. You agree to promptly notify the company in cases when:

  • someone has gained access to your account;
  • actions are taking place in your account, for example, orders are created or correspondence is in progress, about which you do not know anything.

A company can show specialists data about customers: your rating, number of reviews, date of account creation, photo, the fact of the presence of social networks (without a link to the account). Companies will also be available to view chats with specialists, as well as record your telephone conversations with the company.

The company has the right at any time and without giving any reason to deny access to information or delete your account.

If you want to learn more about the features of protecting your data, you can read the privacy policy.

The company has the right to provide your data in the following cases:

  • there was a request from law enforcement, judicial and other government agencies;
  • the company received information about possible illegal actions;
  • in other cases within the framework of the legislation applicable to the parties.

Use of company materials

The use of the information is permitted provided that the laws of Estonia are complied with.

It is prohibited:

  • extracting any data from the site (parsing);
  • using company materials in the context of the visibility of cooperation;
  • using the means of inpidualization of the company (brand name, trademarks, etc.) for the purpose of advertising, monetizing any projects, demonstrating the experience of cooperation and examples of work without the written consent of the company.

Applicable right

The terms and conditions, as well as any legal relationship related to the use of the company's products, are governed by Estonian law.